Budapest Office

PORT Data Kft.
1033 Budapest
Polgár utca 8-10.
Tel.: (+36) 1/485-9000

Bucharest Office

PORT Computer România s.r.l.
020965 Bucureşti, Str. G-ral
David Praporgescu nr. 1-5, et.
6, ap. 14B, Sector 2.
Tel.: (+40) 727759146

Zagreb Office

PORT Data d.o.o.
10000 Zagreb, Ozaljska 96
Tel.: +385 1 4859 000

Subotica Office

PORT Data d.o.o.
24000 Subotica
Matije Korvina 17.
Tel.: +381 24 571 039

Bratislava Office

PORT Data, s. r. o.
81106 Bratislava
Tolstého 7.Tel.: +421 2 321 44 009
+421 2 321 44 016

Think global, act local.

We have learnt to understand the differences between each local market and at the same time successfully use the synergies lying in them. We know both the distinguishing and similar characteristics of each territory. That is the reason we can fulfill customer needs from five different European offices.
Different language versions are recorded in the editorial office where we can guarantee the best possible quality regarding information depth and width.