Besides the PORT network database shows steady growth and we can supply metadata for more and more countries, it is very important to remember that for what kind of electronic platforms we can provide program information service.

Moreover the well-known EPG content on the Internet, mobile applications, OTT platforms, set-top boxes and running apps on TV devices the usual PORT quality is available in both.

PORT network – similar to its private application – can provide detailed and continuous (hourly) updated content to any platform so the user can access a channel’s program and description as easy as possible. The program data is provided in three different depths, with Standard, Extra and Premium processing and each case we try to achieve the optimal level.

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Each films are provided with information of crew, actors, casting and PORT scores. In case of sport channels we especially pay attention to the program changes, that no one can miss out on the currently running programs.

A premium-processed program’s datasheet can contain up to 70 different descriptive information, thereby perfectly satisfying the information needs of users.

Do not forget the set-top-box applications either, by which growing number of TV providers are trying to expand their offers, thereby increasing the viewing experience.

Therefore the subscriber can easily view his/her favorite online content on the television, whether it’s popular TV show, film or series.