The so called blackout function is becoming increasingly popular at metadata service.
In telecommunication environment the blackout expression relates to prohibition of broadcasting or replay the specified content on a specific interface.
This is especially true for films and sport events where the service provider’s right of broadcasting is limited to particular market areas and surfaces.
By the increase of tools and services are suitable for content consumption, the programs’ covering is becoming increasingly important, where broadcasting or replay is not allowed by the license rights.
PORT network is providing blackout services internationally for growing number of customers. This function allows to disable or make available linear and non-linear contents as well. Accordingly, we can provide the blackout or catch-up blackout services according to the needs of our partners, for any number of platforms or combination of platforms.
The data is recorded on the basis of a list is specified by content providers and agreed with television operators.
Thus the blackout information gets to the appropriate surface at the right time.