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About PORT.hu

PORT.hu was established in 1996. The company has been engaged in regularly collecting, editing, translating television, cinema, theatre and concert programme information, sorting them into database and publishing the information on the web. PORT.hu collects its programme information data from official and primary sources such as TV channels, cinemas, theatres and film distributors on the one hand and also creates some of its own content, like reviews of films, photos of concerts, buildings and restaurants as well as videos of theatre performances.


The collected data are constantly updated on a 24 hour basis, which makes PORT.hu the most up to date programme information portal.

Programme information

PORT.hu offers the following database information:

  • Program information of 152 TV channels
    • Starting time
    • Ending time
    • Title of the programme
    • Title of the episode
    • Number of the episode
    • Attributes of the programme:
      • producer country, colour/black and white, dubbed/subtitled, duration, type of film, type of the programme, age limit, short plot, long plot, episode’s short plot, episode’s long plot, cast, picture gallery, web page links
  • National movie schedule
  • National theatre schedule, picture gallery and trailers
  • National concert schedule
  • Children’s programmes
  • Permanent and temporary exhibitions organised in Hungary with more than 1500 galleries and exhibition places.
  • Sport programmes for both leisure and professional sports.
  • Radio programme information for 11 radio stations
  • Festival, hotel database
  • More than 6,000 restaurants
  • Movie database: more than 71,000 films.
  • Person database: more than 150,000 entries.

Media database: approximately 100,000 pictures, 3,300 videos


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