Who We Are

We process TV, radio and movie metadata of 15 CEE countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Beyond these countries’ full TV and radio portfolio we record information in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish as well. Like that our database contains information of 1600 TV channels in 22 languages.


Our Services

PORT network collects, creates and supplies TV and movie data with EPG, VOD, SVOD, and OTT services, TV magazines, TV and movie programme sites, TV channels, viewership research companies and other media houses who find it essential to provide the most detailed information available for both linear and non-linear media consumption. PORT network offers the high quality of data for operators and broadcasters.


Where We Work

Think global, act local. PORT network is present and active in the CEE region. Our head office is in Budapest, and our business partners in the Adriatic Region are supported from the Serbian and Croatian offices. Our Slovakian office handles all Czech and Slovakian customers; while PORT network’s Bucharest office deals with Romanian clients. Our editorial offices can guarantee the best possible quality regarding information depth and width.


PORT network is a real alternative for reliable, flexible and smart metadata provision.

PORT network focuses on the details.

We are one of the leading TV and movie metadata providers in Europe with 20 years’ experience in the market.

We offer a wide range of 15 CEE countries’ programme information. The expertly created editorial content meets the highest quality requirements.

Our synopses of varying lengths, collection of images, trailers, cast and crew information and reviews make media content consumption a real experience.

Our leading product is EPG which we provide in a number of output formats, depending on customer’s middleware and set-top box environment.

Our frequency updates are as often as the customer can handle them – changes appear in the live data service within one hour.

Along with EPG, we supply data TV listings magazines, mobile-based solutions, streaming, OTT, VOD and various multiscreen services.


Gyöngyvér ANNUS
Managing Director

Gyöngyvér manages operational issues and communication at network level and key account to some international and Hungarian clients.

Adria Region Director

Tamás is the Managing Director and Head of Business Development in the whole Adriatic Region and he is the Key Account to South European customers.

Florin CHITU
Managing Director

Florin is the Managing Director of the Romanian office. Managing all romanian day to day operations, hadling with EPG and local media business as well.

Head of Content

Mara manages all Romanian content related issues, supervises editorial team and stays in touch with the customers in order to ensure and guarantee the quality.

Dubravko BILOBRK
Adria Region Director of Production

Dubravko is responsible for all of the content related issues and sales activities in the Adriatic region.

PORT network creates the link between tv content providers, media service providers and audiences.